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At Mowara we take safety, environment, quality of our services and standards very seriously. Please feel free to go through some of our policies.

  • Safety & Security


    We maintain a global health and safety management system to keep track of our safety records. MOWARA continuously tries to improve upon these records by actively managing all risks in various aspects of the business

    At MOWARA there is no practical or business consideration is ever allowed to override the imperative that every employee and contractor should be safe. We aim to be a zero-harm company, and regard every incident as avoidable.

    Our principal safety risks are road traffic accidents, manual handling of heavy equipment and working at height. None of our employees are permitted to work in any of these areas without dedicated training, and refresher training is regularly held. As well as measuring, and learning from, lagging indicators such as lost time incidents (LTIs) and injuries needing treatment, we place a heavy emphasis on leading indicators.

    We encourage everyone to be our eyes and ears wherever they’re working for us, and to report any near-miss incidents, without blame or criticism, so that we can learn from them and prevent them in the future. We include both our employees and contractors in safety reporting, to give a true reflection of safety in our business.

    Safety driving and security standards applies to all of MOWARA staff and vehicles. All trucks are equipped with GPS tracking system under 24/7 control by our security team. All of MOWARA drivers are well trained on defensive driving. To ensure the safety of the cargo and, most importantly, our staff; we have employed the following safety and security measures;

    • • All staff MUST adhere to safety driving & security standards as provided by the regulators.
    • • All trucks are equipped with a GPS tracking system that stays active from Monday to Monday, day & night, controlled by an always alert security team.
    • • All Mowara drivers are well trained on defensive driving, that is; driving to save lives, time, and money, in spite of the conditions around them and the actions of others.
    • • Regular inspection to assess any and all possible risks when transporting cargo.
    • • All equipment and trucks maintenance records are kept in order using the latest SAP Business One software.
    • • All equipment and trucks are certified for SWL.
    • • Mowara Limited is a proud recipient of the ISO9001:2015 certification. It means we are focused on meeting customer expectations and delivering customer satisfaction by paying attention the customer.
  • Environmental Policy

    At Mowara we recognize that, our day to day operations can cause impact both directly and indirectly on the environment aspects. We aim to protect and improve the environment through good management by complying with all global environmental protections by adopting best practice wherever possible.

    We always work to integrate environmental considerations into our business decisions and adopt greener alternatives wherever possible, throughout our operations.

    Mowara Limited is committed to minimize the impact of its business activities on the environment. The mission and primary goal of Mowara Limited is to provide cargo transportation services in accordance with the requirements of our customers. For this we engender a full responsibility for the impact our operations have on the environment and strive to ensure that all legislation and standards Our partnership with the National Environment Management Council (NEMC) emphasizes development, implementation and refinement of our environmental responsibilities. The Board of Mowara Limited is accountable for the overall environmental compliance and performance. This includes providing guidance and necessary resources and support to ensure that Mowara’s business activities are undertaken in a manner that at all times considers and effectively manages potential environmental risks. This includes regular board meetings to ensure our environment policies are adhered to, as well as strategizing of new ways to improve environment conservation.

  • International Standard

    Our ISO Certification is a testimony to our consistency and purposefulness to be the best logistic provider in Tanzania. Our ISO Certification is a framework on how we review our objectives and the commitments we make to satisfy all our customers. In addition, we operate within a legal framework that oversees all our endeavours to improve how we manage freight and cargo logistics.

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  • Corporate Governance

    Mowara Limited actively pursue its business interests through the exercise of fair and transparent policies. As a company, Mowara plays its part in the growth of the national economy, while always striving to enrich the society within which it operates. We will at all times carefully consider the interests of our customers when making decisions that shape our business. The Board of Directors sets the basic policy which serves as the foundation for the company’s structural and operational values. These policies provide the framework for a highly transparent governance structure for the company. The board meets on a quarterly basis to discuss a number of agendas that will serve in the best interest of the company and esteemed customers

  • System & Technology

    Since 2013 MOWARA Ltd. had proudly established state of the art system & Technology (SAP Business One), specifically, for our operation management. SAP Business One has enhanced MOWARA team & management full control of the ongoing operations: Fleet management Stock control Workshop and maintenance history Performance reports. Supporting our fleet management, all of our trucks are equipped with NAVIREC GPS tracking system. Navirec has been recognized as an innovative solution on several occasions, both on the national and international level. The most prominent nominations being in 2007 when Navirec was the finalist (top 8 projects) of the World Summit Award 2007 –The Best in e-Content & Creativity- competition (160 other competitors) and in 2010 when Navirec was a nominee for the European Business Award in the ethical business category

  • Live Illustration Of NAVIREC

    NAVIREC GPS tracking system showing Mowara trucks moving towards different locations in Tanzania, Zambia and the DRC. NAVIREC GPS tracking system showing Mowara trucks parked at the port of Dar es salaam, ready to move cargo to different locations.