Cargo Types

Cargo Types

Containerized Dry Cargo-Container

  • Dry Storage Container

    The most commonly used shipping containers; they come in various dimensions standardized by ISO. They are used for shipping of dry materials and come in size of 20ft Light,20ft, 40ft and 10ft.

  • Flat rack container

    With collapsible sides, these are like simple storage shipping containers where the sides can be folded so as to make a flat rack for shipping of wide variety of goods.

  • Open Top Container

    With a convertible top that can be completely removed to make an open top so that materials of any height can be shipped easily.

  • Tunnel Container

    Container storage units provided with doors on both ends of the container, they are extremely helpful in quick loading and unloading of materials.

  • Open Side Storage Container

    These storage units are provided with doors that can change into completely open sides providing a much wider room for loading of materials.

  • Double Doors Container

Refrigerated ISO containers

These are temperature regulated shipping containers that always have a carefully controlled low temperature. They are exclusively used for shipment of perishable substances like fruits and vegetables over long distances.

Loose cargo on flatbeds secured

To proactively handle loose cargo, we constantly develop and implement a cargo securement process. For each shipment, we ensure accurate and solid lashing and loading per cargo nature. We also make sure all drivers are adequately trained for the specific class of cargo they transport.

Chemical, Fertilizers, etc

Regularly handling chemical and fertilizers’ transportation, our experienced drivers systematically guarantee safety of shipment. Holders of particular permit to handle such, we also guide client on documentation and packing recommendations per regional regulations.

Car Carriers

Car carriers are container storage units made especially for shipment of cars over long distances. They come with collapsible sides that help a car fit snugly inside the containers without the risk of being damaged or moving from the spot.